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Access-Unlimited was an organization of professional accessibility experts including architects, special educators, rehabilitation specialists and building designers who specialized in adapting sites and public facilities to people with special needs. It stopped operating as an organisation.
Access-Unlimited has developed a unique decision support system, the only one of its kind in the world, that analyzes accessibility data for buildings and open spaces and categorizes them uniformly and objectively. This extraordinary tool enables planners to develop structures suited for all special needs.
As of 31.12.2019 the Accessible Tourism in Israel web site (Accessible Tours and Tourist Sites Access Information Center) is upkept and updated by Dr. Judith Bendel, founder of the Access-Unlimited Organisation, and continues to operate.

Areas of expertise of Dr. Judith Bendel include:

survey and audit

Publication of accessibility guides and academic papers

Development of a unique Accessibility Grading System and data analysis engine

Tourism - planning accessible tours and training workers in the industry

Accessible Tours and Tourist Sites Access Information

Partnering with international organizations on joint projects

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